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Indian Healthcare IT Market 2019

Published by Suja K B on

Indan healthcare IT market 2019 - Year od EHR software?

With the government promoting healthcare in general and healthcare institutions in particular to achieve Universal Health Coverage(UHC) by 2030, the industry is growing and developing swiftly. This year the focus of the market is expected to shifted to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. EHR, EMR and CDR which are already in wide use by hospitals and clinics in the metropolitan cities is expected to be the enabler for this. It is time for the smaller towns to step up their game and build quality infrastructure that uses tech-driven processes for better diagnosis and treatment.

Recently a detailed report titled ‘India Heathcare IT market Prospects’ has been updated and presented , that provides an indepth analysis of data, for instance, the adoption rate of EHR softwares in these cities, the prices that the vendors charge from the hospitals for providing IT solutions etc. This report is presented with the help of thorough understanding of the trends and software developments going around the market, SWOT analysis of the same and representing the competition in the market around healthcare through charts and statistics. The report clears the picture of the landscape of the medical industry in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

A few years earlier, EHR was a concept that was about to be spread across institutions and places. Presently, the government is an umbrella under which, the chances of adoption and adaptation of EHR in the medical establishments have become important. The best part is, the expansion is not limited to cities but also in government hospitals and dispensaries in smaller towns. The market suspension for healthcare IT in India has been tremendous. The last few years have been fluctuating but it has also registered a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 24.3% over the period FY’2008-FY’2013.

The report also asserts that Maharastra, Delhi and Andra Pradesh are already leading to progress and have adopted EHR. Whereas, there is a process that is still going on the reimage the entire ecosystem, favouring and suiting the medical functioning of the towns. Electronic Health Records market has granted their largest share to the society. It’s potential to work dynamically along with the various systems has made it so popular. 80% out of the 150 senior living providers of the country has initiated the use of EHR in their premises.

The EHR adoption in India has been increasing with time because it caters to three components of the industry.

  • Impeccable Care Delivery
  • Exquisite Customer Experience
  • Smooth Operational Excellence

There are changes that are observed with the adoption of EHR in the industry. Though the healthcare industry in Europe and America has already experienced changes in the above three aspects, it is time for India to prevail such medical phenomenons. EHR will conduct stronger regulations, better collection of clinical data and set a budget for the institutions for emerging technologies. A lot has been already said and observed in these few years, and with the development of AI and IoMT (internet of medical things), there are plenty of healthy products that the medical industry in India could use to prosper and propel further.

One such EHR software is AyushEHR, which has been developed with the aim of creating easy to use tools that will ease the pains for the healthcare industry to adopt modern technology tools. It further endeavors to make healthcare IT more democratic and available to a wider section of the healthcare delivery ecosystem by focusing on the less explored domains of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.


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