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The digital Ayurveda network from AYUSH ministry to be known as AYUSH Grid.

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How the AYUSH ministry plans to create a digital Ayurveda network through the AYUSH Grid.

Ayurveda is soon to get a national information network through the AYUSH Grid project from the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology(MeitY).

On 1st July 2019, the Ministry of AYUSH and MeitY signed an MOU to work together for the digitization of the AYUSH sector.

What is AYUSH Grid?

The project is to create a unified platform that could network all clinics, hospitals, resorts, retreats and laboratories. It would enable networking between all stakeholders in Ayurveda and help in collecting clinical information to validate treatments and publish case studies. We expect this to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the treatments and build confidence in the use of Ayurveda.

According to the National Health Policy 2017, the government plans leverage modern IT infrastructure such as EHR & National Health Stack(NHS) to improve the delivery of healthcare and achieve Universal Health Coverage. The above plan comes under the larger Digital India initiative introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. NHS is schedules to be fully operational across the nation by 2022. Parallel to this, the AYUSH Grid project, which is again a part of the Digital India initiative, is to create a national network aimed at enhancing the reach of tested and validated natural healing (Ayurveda) to larger populations.

What you can expect this network to do for Ayurveda in the future?

After the MOU, union AYUSH secretary, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said “This will be beneficial for all stakeholders of AYUSH including citizens of the country and in turn will help to achieve various national and international goals in the healthcare sector”. We feel that all those involved in AYUSH practice will surely appreciate this vision of a new India.

Over the years, Ayurveda scientists have prepared various new medicines through research and field validation. Many of these medicines have not reached larger population as the network of Ayurveda practitioners is fragmented and unorganized. AYUSH Grid is a digital network to help you improve access to latest developments and bring back the faith of people in AYUSH treatments. This project will also improve transparency and consistency in the entire process of Ayurvedic healthcare. The AYUSH Grid will also integrate with the national health information network to create a holistic wellness centric healthcare system for the country.

Other recent Initiatives to boost AYUSH adoption

Some of the recent initiatives, from the government, aimed at bringing in standardization and promote Ayurveda are..

  • Namste potal for unified Ayurveda terminology
  • SNOMED CT extension project for Ayurveda terminology
  • Development of draft ISO standards for Ayurveda
  • E-Rakt Kosh
  • E-Aushadh
  • Launching Vikaspedia, an information guide on health and other social sectors

The above initiatives will also enable transparency for Ayurveda healthcare and strengthen the AYUSH Grid. They will also achieve better acceptance of Ayurveda by modern healthcare practitioners.

Since its inception, documented validation is one of the major missions that AyushEHR is working for. Initiatives such as the AYUSH Grid complement what we are trying to do. AyushEHR enforces rules and encourages alternative medicine practitioners to get online in this fast changing digital world and integrate into the AYUSH Grid easily.

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